Alain Combemorel


Along the Authie River

I live in a little village in the north of France where a river passes by: The Authie. Running for about 100km, weaving through villages and countryside, the source of the Authie is located at a place called “The Nightingale Fountain” and terminates at Berk Plage, a city located on the Channel.

While wandering around and exploring my village, I started to discover and photograph places the Authie flowed through. At first, my intention was nothing more than to take pictures of places that grabbed my attention while wandering about. But as time passed, and the more I explored, the more I became interested in what the river had to offer. Consequently, it inspired a photography project: to stroll along the Authie river banks, from its source to the estuary, and capture its hidden gems.

If you’re interested in taking part in this adventure, you can do so by considering a donation. Because this project is entirely self-funded, not only will any contribution be greatly appreciated, it will go a long way, helping to cover the cost of film and processing.
Thank you so very much for your interest and support in my work. It is so greatly appreciated!

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